Finding peace and calm through yoga: mind, body and spirit

Finding peace and calm through yoga - mind, body and spirit

With the practice of Yoga and Meditation, we can begin to learn how to tap into the inconsistencies in not only the body but also in the mind.

Some people walk into their first yoga class hoping to attain a better physical appearance, others might want to improve their body’s flexibility and strength or for some people they want to find ‘stress release’. We all have very different reasons to try yoga but ultimately, after discovering the many benefits of the practice and after evolving deeper into our practice, we slowly begin to uncover the hidden secrets and maybe experience some ‘ah-ha’ moments as you realise other facets of yoga, beyond the physical asanas (poses).

With yoga, we gradually unfold layers upon layers of confusion, stress and tension and slowly we are able to understand and feel where our bodies hold tension and where we need to direct energy to release tension or anxiety. We learn where our bodies are affected by daily stresses and we can then direct our energy towards those areas to soften and let go both physically and mentally of anything we no longer need in our lives.

By practicing yoga and mindful-ness we can connect to our body, mind, spirit and emotions, to bring ourselves back to a place of calm and stillness despite what is happening in our world around us. This not only leads to physical benefits but also to spiritual benefits which many consider ‘living in the moment’. Here are a few benefits, with a spiritual connection, that you may experience by deepening your yoga and meditation practice.

A calm mind

When combining yoga and meditation you can release layers of connective tissues not just on a physical level but also mentally. By learning to pay more attention to the now, we start to notice what’s happening in our minds. We can then choose to step away from the confusion and watch our minds in all of its chaos. If we can watch this it is possible to bring it back to a place of calm leaving you more emotionally alert, alive and balanced. Ultimately, through yoga we can re-program our minds to break unhealthy thought patterns and create a new path. We can then manifest positive experiences in our daily lives with more ease by being in balance and in tune with ourselves.

Inner strength

The practice of yoga encourages us to spend less time focused on the physical outcome and appearance of the body and become more connected to our emotions. With practice, we can learn how to respond, rather than react to situations and other peoples emotions. We build internal strength to deal with daily stress and learn how to better balance our lives. We are better able to cope with difficult challenges with greater ease and softness. The smallest changes such as learning how to sit up tall and straight with a more open chest, gives us more room to breathe. Studies show that posture and inner confidence are connected, so strengthening your body and aligning your posture can strengthen inner confidence.

Living a happier life in the moment

Through yoga we learn how to remain in the flow of life. Being able to direct your attention to that which you love brings more awareness and focus to the positives in your life. When we stray off of our path we can feel it, we can sense things are going in the wrong direction when they become more challenging; but by being present we are better able to bring ourselves back into the flow that feels right. Subtle shifts using breath, movement and awareness can bring us back into alignment. You begin to see the beauty in life’s small present moments and learn to live in the present moment.

Here at La Crisalida we offer a number of different styles of yoga for you to experience (read more here). Some people love a faster vinyasa style, others prefer the more meditative nature of yin. With different styles you get to experience yourself, in the moment, in different ways. Whatever your reason for starting yoga, finding a regular practice of whichever style suits you will bring many benefits to your physical, mental and spiritual health.


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