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Yoga online

Practicing yoga at home can help to being some balance, calmness and sanity into your life! It can also help to mobilise and reset your body. On this page you can find all about yoga online with La Crisalida, including classes and an online weekend you can join in with.

Summer break

We are taking a break over the summer, watch this space or signup for our newsletter to hear about future dates.

Wind down for the weekend: yoga, guided visualisation and yoga nidra

Wind down for the weekend each Friday night. Join the La Crisalida team from home and get ready to relax!

Yin yoga 

Yin yoga is a lovely quiet yoga practice, perfect for slowing down and turning your awareness inside. It is an ideal counter-balance to a busy and stressful day (or week). In a Yin class we will guide you into asanas (poses), that we will hold for 3 to 4 minutes. All poses will be on the mat and the idea is to practice with your muscles relaxed, so that we engage our connective tissues. This focus enables the body to increase in flexibility. Yin also helps to bring balance to the energy flow around the body. Classes will be combined with either a guided visualisation or a yoga nidra. By the end of the class you will feel connected, centred and deeply relaxed.  

If you would like to know more about Yin yoga, you can read our brief overview of the practice in our blog article: what is yin yoga – a brief overview of the practice. Our earlier article: ten minute home yin yoga practice, includes tips on how to set up your space. More information about Yoga nidra (including a short text that you can record and use at home) is available in our blog post: yoga nidra for relaxation, inner peace and rejuvenation. 

Classes are for 90 minutes, running from 8.00pm to 9.30pm Central European Time (Spain) – this is 7.00pm to 8.30pm UK/Ireland. 

Complete your details below to register. 

yin yoga and yoga nidra online class La Crisalida yoga retreat

Guided visualisation

During a guided visualisation  our voice will lead you to a place of deep relaxation. Using the power of your imagination we will guide you to a place to rest, where you can re-balance and re-connect. Positive affirmations will be included, focused on health, wellbeing and relaxation.  Each guided visualisation typically lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. 

Yoga nidra

Yoga nidra is an ancient practice, also known as “yogic sleep”. For this part of the class, you will be lying down (covered in blankets!) and our voice will guide you through various steps to connect with your breath, emotions and sensations. There will be a small visualisation and a time of quiet. We encourage you to work with a sankalpa (affirmation) – there is no need to prepare anything as time and suggestions are provided. The yoga nidra will last up to 30 minutes.

Put on your comfy, soft, warm clothes, cover yourself with a blanket, close your eyes and follow our voice. By the end of the class you will feel relaxed, centred and ready for a good nights sleep.

Yoga Nidra for relaxation, inner peace and rejuvenation

About online yoga classes

Classes will be delivered online using Zoom – the software is free to download.

Yin yoga can be practiced by most people however as always please advise the teacher before the class if you have any injuries or conditions. You can do this by email before the class (send to info@lacrisalidaretreats.com) or at the start of the class using the messaging option in Zoom – select to send to speaker only. Our Hatha classes assume that you have previously practiced yoga before, so are not suitable for complete beginners, however they do cater for all levels of practitioners.

Note:  As with all yoga, you should not feel pain or discomfort in any of the poses.  If you do please advise the teacher so that the pose can be modified.

Our yoga online classes do not assume any prior yoga experience so are suitable for all levels of practitioners – if you are a complete beginner, you are welcome to take part but please always take the lower option. More advanced options will be given for those who are more practiced or experienced.

What you need and how to set up your space

We will send you more information about how to set up your space ready for these online yoga classes. A yoga mat is recommended, so too are blankets. If you have a yoga block, strap and bolster, bring these along, but you can also use cushions, blankets and a scarf instead. Our earlier article: ten minute home yin yoga practice includes tips on how to set up your space. Remember to position your camera so that we can see the whole of your mat! We request that you keep your mike on mute so that you do not disturb others. We will have the video switched on, so that the instructor can see you.

yoga online yoga props for home practice

Yoga and mindfulness weekend

Join the experts from La Crisalida from the comfort of your own home to boost your wellbeing, find your inner calm and re-connect with the authentic you, in our brand new online yoga and mindfulness weekend. By the end of the weekend you will feel calmer, more connected and re-energised.

Over the weekend our experienced teachers will lead you through a specially designed activity programme, containing yoga practices designed to re-connect body, mind and spirit. There will be four live yoga classes on the Saturday and Sunday: one Hatha and one Yin each day. The Hatha yoga classes with Amanda will focus on moving your whole body, through a range of asanas (poses) to bring balance, strength and flexibility.  In the Yin yoga classes with Lisa, we will practice deep, long-held asanas, giving you the chance to become connected and present, whilst increasing flexibility and mobility. Meditation and breath work will be encompassed into these classes, to re-balance, re-connect and re-energise body, mind and spirit

Mindfulness has been shown to relieve stress, help combat anxiety, reduce blood pressure and reduce chronic pain, as well as helping us to become more connected with oneself. During the weekend you will have the opportunity to practice mindfulness meditation through the yoga classes, in guided sessions and also (if you choose) in your daily life. We will explore and practice mindfulness of the breath, emotions, sensations and thoughts, so that you can use these skills after the weekend. 

You will also have access to exclusive webpages for the weekend, containing three on-demand classes that you can watch at any time that weekend, or for the seven days after – two recorded guided mindfulness sessions and one Hatha class to mobilise your whole body. You will also receive a bonus yoga nidra, to relax and unwind with on an evening, after your meal, plus an informative introduction to mindfulness video to watch at the start of the weekend. We suggest that you include a daily walk in your weekend, of up to one hour, practiced mindfully, as an extra special addition to the weekend.

We also give you a suggested menu plan for the weekend, based on our plant-based menu here at the retreat. The dishes are designed to be simple to prepare, using seasonal ingredients you are likely to find in your local supermarket – no fancy superfoods or supplements needed. If you choose to, you could also juice or smoothie for the weekend. 

You can join us and your fellow participants online every day during your evening dinner for a meet-up chat.

This weekend is suitable for all levels of yoga or meditation experience. Live classes take place online using Zoom (which is free for you to use). All you need is access to the internet, a phone / tablet / laptop /computer with a video (so that we can see you in a yoga class), plus some basic yoga equipment – like a mat. We’ll give you more tips on how to set up your space in the helpful guide to the weekend. By the end of the weekend you will feel calm, centred and re-energised. 

The date for the next weekend is coming soon.

yoga and mindfulness weekend online La Crisalida Retreats yoga retreat

Signup for yoga classes online

We are taking a short break for the summer – watch this space or signup for our newsletter to receive information about our next online classes.

Have a lovely Summer.

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