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Why we get bullied and what to do about it

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In this 90-minute webinar you will learn the reasons why we get bullied and what to do about it.

Most people report they have been bullied at some stage in their lives. Bullying can range in expression from direct physical bullying to indirect psychological bullying.  Being bullied can be a merciless place to find yourself and it can eat away at your confidence.  When we are bullied, we typically see ourselves as the victim and look to blame the perpetrator.   However, what if there was a commonality to these occurrences, that if discovered, would stop the bullying dynamics in their tracks?

In this practical webinar, we uncover how we can unconsciously attract bullies into our lives and uncover the positive reasons why this happens.  We cover some real case studies and show how to transform a victim’s perspective to one of inspiration and gratitude.  The key is to find meaning in what appears initially to be a place of no hope.

Whether you have gone through bullying in the past or going through it right now, or you just want to support someone in this position, this webinar will help you to dissolve the illusion of the perpetrator/victim and allow you to see life’s challenges in new some ways you are unlikely to have ever seen before. 

Some of the principles discussed in this webinar can be extended to domestic violence and other more challenging situations.  In this insightful webinar John will outline an approach to tackle hate and resentment against any perpetrator.

By attending this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How to appreciate the role of predator (bully) and prey (victim) and the benefits of being both
  • How too much naivety or an addiction to protection can attract a predator
  • The role of pride, arrogance and self-righteousness in attracting bullies or events that will knock you down
  • The DeMartini Method and taking ownership of your inner bully
  • The power of the unconscious mind and the reasons we unconsciously give up our power to others
  • How to deal with bullying from authority figures

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