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La Crisalida Online

Welcome to our page about all the online activities from La Crisalida Retreats page. Enjoy the benefits of the La Crisalida holistic health and wellbeing programme, in your own home. Each of our online activities or programmes incorporate all or some of the eight elements of the La Crisalida Programme to re-connect, re-balance and re-energise.

Listed on this page you will find more information about:

Online life coaching

Yoga online classes 

Plant-based reset plan

Life makeover webinar series

You can also find more resources to use at home in our online shop.

At the moment we are focusing on in-person retreat activities – check out our retreats page here.

Online coaching

Create the life you love and take giant steps forward

If you want to find your inspiration or the clarity and certainty you need to move forward with your life, then now is the time to work with a La Crisalida coach! There are two types of online coaching available from La Crisalida:

Life and Success Coaching

In these sessions, with the help of a skilled coach, you decide on the right goals and action steps to overcome your fears, to set you up for success in any area of your life. Your life and success coach becomes your cheering squad, confidant and holds you accountable. Sessions will last one hour each. We suggest committing to a package of five sessions to be taken over six months. Email support between sessions is included.

Transformational Coaching

In a special one-off transformational coaching session, you will work hard to discover the underlying cause of feeling chronically stuck or disempowered in any area of your life. Through proven tools and techniques and with the help of a fully trained coach you will aim to identify the patterns and release the key underlying causes, so that you feel lighter, calmer, more congruent and clear about your future. The session will last 2 to 3 hours.

Read our blog article: the benefits of working with a life coach or click on the button for more information about life coaching.


Life and Success Coaching: 100€ for one session (one hour) or 450€ for a package of 5 sessions
Transformational Coaching:  250€ for one-off session (2-3 hours)

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Life coaching success coaching NLP coach

Yoga classes online

Wind down for the weekend: yin yoga, guided visualisation and yoga nidra

Wind down for the weekend each Friday night. Join Lisa from home and get ready to relax! Yin yoga is a quiet introspective practice, ideal for relaxing after a busy week. Yin helps to increase flexibility in deep, long held asanas. The classes are combined with a guided visualisation or Yoga Nidra, making it an ideal way to unwind, re-connect and re-balance.

Reset your body with Hatha

Hatha yoga is an ideal practice to reset and mobilise your body. In our brand new series of Hatha classes online, Amanda will lead you through asanas designed to relieve tension, re-balance and build strength. After sitting at a desk, or doing repetitive motion during the day, these Hatha classes focus in turn on: shoulder and neck reset, hip mobilisation and flexibility, then core and back reset.

To see our upcoming yoga online schedule and to join us click on the button below.

yin yoga and yoga nidra online class La Crisalida yoga retreat

Plant-based reset plan

Do you want to kick-start a healthy plant-based diet? Perhaps you want to give your body the time to cleanse, to detox and feel re-energised? At the same time, you might want to lose a little weight? Maybe you want to  learn to cook plant-based food in your own kitchen? Then this plant-based reset week is ideal for you.

In this online week, we support you to follow a plant-based diet. The week starts on lunchtime on a Friday. We provide a menu plan for the week (one standard plan and one lower calorie if you want to focus more on losing weight), a recipe pack containing all the recipes you need, plus a shopping list to help you prepare. We provide daily group online support on Zoom, where you can meet other people on the plan and ask questions about the plan, juicing, detoxing or plant-based eating, to Lisa (Founder and owner of La Crisalida Retreats. Lisa is the nutritionist and designs the menus here at the retreat). You will also have  access to a dedicated and exclusive Facebook group, to join others on the week – the daily zoom meeting will be posted here for people who are unable to make it live. We also send daily inspirational emails to help keep you on track.  

The standard plan starts with 2 days of juices or smoothies plus soups; the lower calorie plan is 4 days of juicing or smoothies and soups – we give you juice and smoothie recipes so you have the choice of which you make. The rest of the week is delicious plant-based recipes that our retreat guests enjoy here in Spain, including some lovely snack recipes. As time is precious, the recipes are simple, using seasonal ingredients, we cook once and eat twice. Learn the skills to make delicious plant-based food in your own home.  It’s been designed to work during the colder winter months and makes use of seasonally available vegetables.

The next date for the reset week is coming soon. 

Now is an ideal time to detox, cleanse and get back into healthy eating habits, and this reset plan helps you to do just that. Join us!

Plant-based Reset Plan La Crisalida Retreats health and wellbeing detox plan

Life Makeover online

Explore your inner workings, connect to your dreams and manifest the life you want, through our series of life makeover online webinar and workshops.

Led by John Brant, co-founder of La Crisalida Retreats and Master NLP coach and trainer, you will be guided in these life makeover online sessions through a series of proven steps and practical models to enable you to make the transformation you want in your mindset and level of empowerment.  These profound sessions are designed to support you with common challenges that you may experience at certain times in your life and help you to work through them.

Webinar: Create and live a life you love FREE webinar

In this webinar, you will discover that each of us are born with a song to sing inside of us, based upon what we are truly inspired by. John will show you the steps you can take to find and acknowledge your own song.  You will learn how to listen to the inspiring voice and vision on the inside more than the noise on the outside so that you can create and live a life you love. In this webinar, you will discover the key differences between inspiration and motivation. 

Dates coming soon

Webinars are usually free and last between 75 and 90 minutes. The online workshops are more in-depth, where you will receive worksheets to make the changes that you want.  Both are delivered on Zoom so you can join in from home. You need to register to receive the link to the webinar and/or workshop, as well as the worksheets. 

For more information and to register, click on the link below.:

life makeover mindset workshops at La Crisalida Retreats
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Detox body mind and spirit

All inclusive – we arrange everything for you

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Kickstart your healthy lifestyle, de-stress and find the authentic you.

La Crisalida is the retreat for you!

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