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Welcome to our online retreats page. Read on for more information about our retreat experiences that are available online, so that you can enjoy the benefits of the La Crisalida holistic health and wellbeing programme, in your own home.

Each of our online retreat experiences incorporate all or some of the eight elements of the La Crisalida Programme to re-connect, re-balance and re-energise.

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Life Makeover webinar series

We introduce our new online FREE webinar series led by John Brant, co-founder of La Crisalida Retreats and Master NLP coach and trainer.  In this series of 90-minute live sessions, John guides and educates you through a series of proven steps and practical models to enable you to make the transformation you want in your mindset and level of empowerment.  These profound sessions are designed to support you with common challenges that you may experience at certain times in your life and help you to work through them.

You can sign up for one, a few or all of these educational and fascinating webinars! For more information and to register, click on the links below. 

How to resolve conflict and create clarity in your life

Wednesday 9th December 2020

Time: 8 pm Central European Time (7 pm UK)

If you’ve ever wondered how to resolve your life conflicts – particularly those that cause chronic emotional pain, then this webinar will help you to identify and resolve the inner cause of conflict and find more peace and clarity.

How to embrace life’s greatest challenges

Next date coming soon

In this webinar, you will be walked through some of the ways you can re-connect and discover a vision for your life by eliminating distracting “fantasies” and focusing on things that are important to you. We look into some of our deeper questions of meaning and existence. When you feel inspired, you are better placed to overcome some of the obstacles that appear on your path.

More information and sign-up coming soon!

How to transform your emotional pain into love and gratitude

Next date coming soon

Do you suffer from ongoing emotional distress? Do you find it hard to cope with life’s challenges? Emotional pain is a feedback that something needs changing in our perception or our decision making process.  Read more about what you will learn in this webinar by clicking the button below.

Appreciate your partner and say goodbye to your relationship troubles

Next date coming soon

Relationships can create big challenges for us at home or in business.

In this webinar, you will learn the structure of relationship dynamics and how they are a pathway to breaking our unconscious addictions. You will also find out how accepting and understanding your partner’s values are the key to finding fulfilling relationships. Read more by clicking the button.

Why we get bullied and what to do about it

Next date coming soon

Most people report they have been bullied at some stage in their lives. In this practical workshop, we uncover how we can unconsciously attract bullies into our lives and how to empower ourselves so that we no longer play the victim. Find out more and sign-up by clicking the button below.

Empowering yourself in times of uncertainty

New date coming soon

In this free 90-minute webinar, you will be provided with access to tools and strategies including a recipe for taking charge of your beliefs so you can face times of uncertainty with courage, confidence and self-belief.

For more information click on the button below.

How to value yourself and live a life you love

New date coming soon

In this webinar, you will discover the key differences between inspiration and motivation. 

You will learn how to discover your authentic self and strategies to help you to find your path towards living a life you love.

Read all about the webinar and sign-up by clicking on the button below:

Online coaching

Create the life you love and take giant steps forward

If you want to find your inspiration or the clarity and certainty you need to move forward with your life, then now is the time to work with a La Crisalida coach! There are two types of online coaching available from La Crisalida:

Life and Success Coaching
In these sessions, with the help of a skilled coach, you decide on the right goals and action steps to overcome your fears, to set you up for success in any area of your life. Your life and success coach becomes your cheering squad, confidant and holds you accountable. Sessions will last one hour each. We suggest committing to a package of five sessions to be taken over six months. Email support between sessions is included.

Transformational Coaching
In a special one-off transformational coaching session, you will work hard to discover the underlying cause of feeling chronically stuck or disempowered in any area of your life. Through proven tools and techniques and with the help of a fully trained coach you will aim to identify the patterns and release the key underlying causes, so that you feel lighter, calmer, more congruent and clear about your future. The session will last 2 to 3 hours.

Read our blog article: the benefits of working with a life coach or click on the button for more information about life coaching.

Life and Success Coaching: 100€ for one session (one hour) or 450€ for a package of 5 sessions
Transformational Coaching:  200€ for one-off session (2-3 hours)

Terms and Conditions
Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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