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Detox and weight loss retreat

If you are looking to boost your energy levels, feel good about yourself and maybe lose some weight then La Crisalida’s detox and weight loss program has been designed for you! 

If you feel lethargic, grumpy, experience an afternoon slump (that sometimes lasts all day?), feel tired some (or all) of the time, it may be that your body is crying out for a chance to detox. A short detox can help to relieve all of these symptoms and leave you full of energy. Our nutritionist has designed juices and meals that cleanse and rebalance our bodies, whilst maximising the essential nutrients required by our bodies for good health. You have the option to juice or to eat during your stay at La Crisalida. Rather than adopting a starvation diet where you are always feeling hungry, all the food we serve support our bodies to cleanse and to help us move towards our ideal weight.

Detox: boost energy and feel good about yourself

One of the noticeable things at La Crisalida when you first arrive is that guests who have been with us for three or more days look radiant; their eyes are shining and their skin is clear and bright.

The detox retreat program at La Crisalida is designed to create health, vitality and energy in your body and your life, by clearing away physical toxins from the body and for some people, releasing emotional “toxins” that have built up in your life too. The most effective way to detox the body is to juice – drinking only our freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juices throughout the day – however, you will also detox by eating the alkaline food. For a detox, we recommend juicing for three days, but you are free to choose to juice for longer (or shorter).

Here at La Crisalida we provide you with an integrated supportive and nurturing environment to enable you to detox, body, mind and spirit. The food and juices work together with the activities, in particular reboundingwalking and yoga, to unclog your body systems and enable your health to improve. Everyone is different but typically, joint pain can reduce, eyes become brighter, memory function can improve and we just feel better all over. Sleep is also an important part, to allow your body chance to relax and let go.

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Weight loss: let go and find your ideal weight

Here at La Crisalida, we see weight loss as a part of getting back into balance and back into good health overall. By following a healthy diet you will easily reach and maintain your ideal weight. However, sometimes life gets in the way, so, if you feel you need a kick start or a reboot, to get back into those healthy habits and shed a few kilos then our weight loss retreat can certainly help. By following our programme, you can leave feeling happier, healthier and carrying less weight than when you arrived. Of course, please remember that the effects of any weight loss at the retreat are likely to be reversed in the long run unless there is also a longer term diet and lifestyle change at home.

The best weight loss results come from those who chose to juice at the detox retreat. Juices are calorie controlled and keep your body feeling nutritionally satisfied for hours.  We encourage you to juice for a minimum three days; after that, you can choose for each meal whether you want to juice or eat. We recommend that you take part in as many of the detox retreat programme activities as you can, particularly rebounding and walking. We also offer a cooking demonstration and a juice demonstration each week to give you tips and ideas to continue the lifestyle change at home, plus a range of educational DVDs and books to support and encourage you to make lasting change

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*Please be aware that we cannot guarantee any specific results as everyone is different and therefore results can vary.

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Detox body mind and spirit

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Kickstart your healthy lifestyle, de-stress and find the authentic you.

La Crisalida is the retreat for you!