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The core to all our retreats is the La Crisalida Programme for holistic health and wellbeing, which encompasses eight elements to enable you to re-connect, re-balance and re-energise. 

We like to offer you choice, to make your holiday right for you. Below you will read more about the main retreat types you can experience and enjoy.

For example, if you want to enjoy a yoga retreat, you can choose to focus on the 12 yoga classes each week, yoga nidra and meditation sessions.  If you want to focus on a life makeover retreat, you could choose to attend all the life makeover workshops, and dip into the walks and other classes. For the detox and weightloss retreats, you would participate in the daily guided walks, attend the exercise classes, like rebounding and core works, plus try a 3-day juice detox.

Whichever retreat type you choose, you also have the freedom to select ANY activity from our full activity programme that you want to attend, as well as choosing to eat our plant-based food or try juicing. See our typical retreat day here.

Many of our guests come for one thing, but leave with so much more. Come and enjoy a holistic health and wellbeing retreat with La Crisalida.

You might also like to try one of our Healthy Day Retreats, where you experience all that we have to offer, in one day.

Click on the links below to learn more about the main retreat types offered by La Crisalida.

Yoga retreat

Integrate body mind and spirit, build strength and flexibility, and find your balance in your yoga retreat.

Imagine waking up and practicing your sun salutation on our roof terrace, surrounded by mountains, with the sun rising over the sea and the sound of birds singing all around. You can smell the sea air and feel the freshness of a new morning in the air. This is your yoga retreat in Spain, La Crisalida style.

Enjoy 12 yoga classes per week, from our highly trained yoga teachers, to increase both strength and flexibility. We offer different styles of yoga across the week, ranging from Hatha, to Yin, Restorative, Hatha flow, Vinyasa and Kundalini. Learn meditation, or go deeper into your practice and experience the deep connection in our special Yoga Nidra session.

Find inner peace and balance in your yoga retreat at La Crisalida.

Yoga retreat outdoor yoga Europe Spain UK
detox and weightloss retreat Europe Spain UK

Detox and weight loss retreat

Boost your energy levels, lose weight and emerge feeling healthy, with bright eyes and clear skin.

The detox retreat programme at La Crisalida is designed to create health, vitality and energy in your body and your life, by clearing away physical toxins and, for some people, releasing emotional “toxins” that have built up in your life too. The most effective way to detox the body is to juice – drinking only our freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juices throughout the day. Choose to participate in the activites you feel like doing, or simply allow your body time to rest, cleanse and heal. Enhance your detox in our infra-red sauna and support your emotional detox by attending the life makeover workshops and some of the more restorative style yoga classes.

You can also choose to focus on losing weight in one of our weight loss retreats.  Juicing is a great way to maximise weight loss, whilst supporting your body with fantastic nutrition. We encourage you to join the daily guided walks, exercise classes (like rebounding or legs, tums and bums) and to swim in the two outdoor pools. Yoga is also recommended, to help tone and shape your body. Learn about how to make healthy plant-based food at home, attend our healthy eating workshop and find out how to make tasty nutritional juices.

Life makeover retreat

Get back in tune with yourself, through workshops and other activities, to become the authentic you.

Dissolve stress and find your inspiration in our life makeover retreats.

Our life makeover retreats give you the opportunity to reflect and reassess your life at the practical, emotional and spiritual levels. We have developed a programme of life makeover workshops designed to support you as you explore your inner workings, led by our talented programme team. We share practical exercises that you can do on retreat and take home with you.

During your retreat there is time to reflect on where you are right now and also time to dream.

explore your mindset life makeover retreats UK Spain Europe
relax and rejuvenate retreat Europe UK Spain

Relax and rejuvenate retreat

Let go of stress and tension, find your inner peace, relax your body and breathe.

If you have a busy, stressful life and are looking for a place to kick back and relax, then our relax and rejuvenate retreats are designed just for you!

You are free to choose to participate in the activities or to simply relax in a hammock or sunbed next to the pool. We suggest attending the slower yoga styles (like Restorative for deep relaxation) and Yin to help release any tightness held in your body, plus the guided visualisation and yoga nidra sessions to connect and fully let go. Enjoying the local area in our guided walks can also help you to relax and rejuvenate. All you need to do is turn up!

Release tension and calm down your mind and body quickly and with ease, come to La Crisalida Retreats, to relax and rejuvenate.

Online retreats

Bring the retreat experience into your own home.

Sometimes we run online retreats and if they are running, you can find out more about them on this page.

Our online coaching is always available.

online-retreats la crisalida health and wellbeing
Healthy day retreat special offer autumn 2020

Healthy Day and taster retreats

Join us for one whole day, or half day

On our healthy day retreat you can enjoy 12 hours of the rejuvenating La Crisalida programme, including all meals (or juices), all your activities as well as making use of our facilities, including infra-red sauna and magnesium pool. 

If you are short on time, then try one of our taster retreats. Enjoy a morning or afternoon with us.  

Let us take care of you as you relax. 


Arrive and depart on any day of the week

Stay as long as you want at La Crisalida Retreats

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