How to relax and transform stress

How to relax and transform stress La Crisalida Retreats

Do you like surprises?  Many people would probably say “yes”.  Of course, we only want surprises that we enjoy.  We don’t want surprises we don’t like – they would cause us stress! 

Something similar could be said about challenge.  People like challenges that inspire them but hate challenges that don’t.  Of course, the same challenge can be rewarding for one person but stressful for another.

 “Good” and “bad” stress

Challenge and stress are closely related.  We can define two types of stress – “good” stress and “bad” stress.  “Good” stress is defined by challenges that we enjoy, and “bad” stress by challenges that we don’t. 

When we experience “bad” stress we can easily become discouraged and feel disempowered or a victim to outer circumstances.  When we experience “good” stress we normally get inspired and search out for even higher levels of challenge for ourselves and find meaning.  Embracing “good” stress usually leads to increased self-esteem as we usually grow in some way from the experience.

How to deal with “bad” stress

In reality, all events are neutral.  The key to dealing with “bad” stress is understanding that we label it this way when there is a perception that there are more drawbacks than benefits from an event.

 The good news is that if we can change our perspective of an event, we can manage how we feel about it.  If we look back on our lives to events that we previously labelled as “bad” events, notice that these events are where our greatest growth lies. 

When we label anything as “bad”, we are really saying that this thing is challenging what is important to us.  If we can see how an event is supporting what is important to us, rather than challenging it, we can let go of our stress.  Making this change in perception, we can effectively transform “bad” stress into “good” stress.

How to change your perception of an event

The good news is that perceptions can be changed by doing some simple work.  The key question to ask yourself to turn “bad” stress into “good” stress is: How is what is happening helping me to fulfil what is important to me?

This simple question will allow you to change the way you look at events that at first seem stressful and futile to events that you can grow from and find meaning.  Pick up a pen and notebook and keep finding and writing down answers to this question until the stress changes form.

 Online Coaching at La Crisalida Retreats

Our mindset and how we perceive what is happening to us is as important as the action we take in life.  This is why mindset is a core component of the La Crisalida holistic programme for health and wellbeing and why the coaching offering at the retreat and online is so important to help our past and future guests to adapt to change and flourish.

La Crisalida offers two types of online coaching.  Firstly, with our Life and Success coaching sessions, you decide on the right goals and action steps to overcome your fears, to set you up for success in any area of your life. Your life and success coach becomes your cheering squad, confidant and holds you accountable.

Secondly, in a one-off transformational coaching session, you will work hard to discover the underlying cause of feeling chronically stuck or disempowered in any area of your life. Through proven tools and techniques and with the help of a fully trained coach you will aim to identify the patterns and release the key underlying causes, so that you feel lighter, calmer, more congruent and clear about your future.

Success in all forms of La Crisalida coaching is measured by an inner sense of calm, inspiration and self-confidence.  You can find out more about online transformational coaching or Life and Success coaching here.

About the author

John is one of the founders of La Crisalida Retreats. He is a life and success coach, Transformational Coach and a master trainer in NLP. He leads our life makeover programme as well as overseeing the retreats.