Three simple steps to achieving your weight loss goals

Three simple steps to achieving your weight loss goals

At La Crisalida we have three simple steps to achieving your weight loss goals, designed to keep you inspired and take control back of your life. In this article we provide you with everything you need to put these three simple steps into practice. We end our article with some important exercises to work through to set you up for success.

Step 1 – Make a “covenant” to yourself

Losing weight is easy, but only if you have the right mindset and a true desire to change. This is because with the right attitude, you are willing to do whatever it takes. We all sometimes sleepwalk into habits. Breaking these habits means looking ourselves straight in the mirror and making a commitment.

Losing weight takes empowerment and a total commitment that no-one else but me is going to make me lose weight. If you struggle and blame others for your lifestyle habits, try repeating to yourself whenever you get a moment “if it’s going to be, it’s up to me”.

Then when you are ready, make the following commitments to yourself:

  • I am going to make this happen.
  • No matter what anyone else does I will follow my own path.
  • I choose to listen to my inner voice more than the voices on the outside.
  • I commit to putting the necessary time and energy aside to get the results that I want.
  • I will do the work that is necessary to get the results that I want.
  • I no longer buy into a fantasy that I can be healthy and overweight.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I will not underestimate the commitment from me that this is going to take.
  • I commit to finding other ways to relax and switch off.
  • I commit to a lifestyle change.
  • I commit to educating myself on diet and nutrition.
  • I commit to learning the cooking skills required.
  • I commit to clearing my emotional baggage.

Step 2: Understand the difference between motivation and inspiration

You will probably have heard the metaphor of the donkey, the carrot and the stick. If you dangle a carrot in front of a donkey it will be motivated by hunger to take a step forward. If you hit the donkey with a stick, it will be motivated to move forward in the future by avoiding the pain of the stick. However, as soon as the carrot or stick is taken away, the motivation is gone.

We all use motivation as a strategy for getting things done when we may not want to do them. However, if we rely on motivation, we are likely to get inconsistent results. As soon as the outside motivator is gone, we will move back to our original habits. The characteristic of motivation is that it comes from the outside and is short term in nature.

Inspiration is different from motivation because inspiration comes from the inside and is long term in nature. We know when we are inspired by something because we spend time and energy on it. We get energised by it and we are happy to do whatever action is required. When we are inspired, doing the “work” makes us feel fulfilled.

Read our article Finding Inspiration: Finding Your Inspired Path, which discusses this in more depth.

The key to long-standing lifestyle change (and long-standing associated weight loss) is to find ways to link your new lifestyle to what truly inspires you. So, for example, if your family is the most important thing to you, in what ways will reducing your weight help your relationship with your family? Once you have twenty ways then turn it around and ask in what ways will remaining at your current weight be a problem for the relationship with your family?

Step 3: Set Yourself up for Success!

Our experience with thousands of weight loss and detox guests tells us that people who struggle with their weight have hidden benefits that keep them at an unhealthy weight. The key to setting yourself up for success is to uncover these benefits. If you also can link the benefits of weight loss with what truly inspires you (as described above in step 2), you will automatically make the choices required, and losing weight can even be fulfilling.

Exercise to set yourself up for success:

  1.  Write down all the benefits you can think of why you may be holding onto an unhealthy weight. Keep an open mind and think about all areas of your life (relationship, family, career, finances, health, spiritual, social etc). Think of direct benefits and include the indirect benefits from those benefits. Be honest with yourself and consider any links to the significant and emotional events in your life (including your childhood).
    Remember you are seeking hidden benefits, so you are likely to only get a small number of benefits at the start. Your aim should be to uncover dozens of benefits. The more benefits you discover, the more you will understand your current behaviour. Continue until you can see why you have been taking the actions required and you feel a deep sense of understanding and gratitude.
  2. Write down all the drawbacks you can think of for keeping hold of your current weight. Again, your aim should be to uncover dozens of benefits. You are firstly trying to balance the benefits you have already brought to your consciousness and then you are aligning with your conscious desires, so continue until you feel the deep inspiration and certainty that you will shift your weight.
  3. Finally, write down all the benefits you can think of for maintaining a healthy weight. Once again, keep an open mind and link to the most important things in your life. Again, think of direct benefits and include indirect benefits from those benefits and aim for dozens of benefits. Don’t worry too much if it feels there is some repetition, just continue to stack the benefits until you see your weight loss future with total certainty.

The very best of luck with achieving your weight loss goals.

At La Crisalida retreats during January and February 2019 we ran special Healthy Weight Loss Retreat weeks including exercise classes, healthy food, a group personal training session, and cooking and nutrition workshops. Watch this space for future dates! We also offer year-round detox and weightloss retreats.

About the author

John is one of the founders of La Crisalida Retreats. He is a life and success coach, Transformational Coach and a master trainer in NLP. He leads our life makeover programme as well as overseeing the retreats.