New Year Resolutions: how to make them work for you!

New Year Resolutions - how to make them work for you!

New Year seems like a time of endings and new beginnings. Every New Year can bring us feelings of transience, melancholy, but also hope and force for change. This is a good time to summarize what we have achieved during last 12 months and to sketch the way toward the future.

The perfect tool to begin with is Wheel of Life (see the diagram), which we described in depth in one of our previous articles (Getting balance back into your whole life).

Review the past 12 months

First, let´s reflect over passing year to summarize your achievements and what happened for you. Working around each point on the wheel, answer yourself honestly for each area: How satisfied am I in the area of …career…. right now? Mark your level of satisfaction on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is “couldn’t feel any less satisfied” and 10 is “couldn’t be any more satisfied” remembering that it is your own perception. It does not matter what your friends, family, neighbors say about your achievements; it is about how you feel about them. Keep asking the same question for each area of your life (career, finance, family, spirituality, health, contribution, fun, relationship). When you finish, connect the points to see your wheel – this is how you felt 2014 was for you.

Look forward to the next 12 months

Then it’s time to look forward at how you would like to feel at the end of 2015 for each area of your life. Maybe it has become obvious to you which areas of your life you would like some improvement. So, you can either use a new wheel, or use a different colour to mark on the wheel the level of satisfaction which you would like to have in each area of your life at the end of 2015.

It is then time to think about how to accomplish it; how might you increase the satisfaction in the chosen areas?

Don’t worry if you feel a little bit confused with the goals for this year. Sometimes you can feel like you lost your direction and path during the past 12 months. Here we have some guidance to help you. Remember that all the answers are within you. It’s just that sometimes these answers are covered with daily obligations, and all of those “should” and “should not’s”. It is this quiet voice inside of your heart telling what´s the best for you now. So take a pen and paper, find a quiet place, begin to immerse into yourself and when you are already tuned to the vibrations of happiness, dreams and intuition voice, answer the three main questions below, from a lifespan perspective:

1. What do I want to have in my life?
2. What do I want to do in my life?
3. Who do I want to be in my life?

Then assign a number (1, 3 or 10) to each answer; this is the time interval in which you would like to accomplish it (1 year, 3 years, 10 years).


Now it is time for New Year´s resolutions! With all previous exercises it should be much easier and clearer for you. Just write your goals for 2015 in following categories:
– Health and fitness
– Finances
– Travel and leisure
– Business / Career
– Relationship with self
– Relationship with others
– Personal development / goals
– Spirituality
– Fun
– Contribution
– Key events with other people in my life


We will finish this New Year’s resolution process with a short visualization, which we offered also to our guests here in La Crisalida during New Year Retreat. It helps to embody the dreams through using the law of attraction. Choose one of your goals and let’s begin! It will take about five minutes.

Sit comfortably or lie down on a mat / bed. Close your eyes, connect with your breath and start to let go everything what does not belong here. And imagine that you already have achieved what you wanted so much.
When is it exactly (think about the year, month, day and even the hour)?
Where are you? Outdoor or indoor?
What is the weather like?
Imagine all the details of surroundings. Even the color of the furniture if there is any.
Are you alone or with somebody?
Create the whole image, with all the details.
How do you feel?
What do you hear?
What do you see?
How do you know you have achieved that goal?
Now imagine that you hold this picture in front of you. The colors are so intense and vibrant. Now imagine your future timeline stretching out way down below you in your mind´s eye.  When you are ready take your picture with you and move along your timeline and carry it with you until you reach above the moment it supposed to happen (for example, 2nd Jun 2015, 5:35 pm). Then go ahead and drop it in exactly that moment. Slowly start to come back to your body, to reality and let the universe works for you! Remind yourself this image from time to time for bigger impact.

All the best in this New Year! And good luck with your goals!

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