Finding inspiration: finding your inspired path

Finding inspiration - finding your inspired path

How often do you find yourself looking for motivation to get something done? Do you normally rely on others to motivate you? Do you doubt yourself a lot of the time? Are your energy levels often low? If so, I strongly suggest reconnecting with your inspiration!

Sometimes we can feel the burden of expectations and obligations and can get overwhelmed. What if there was a simple approach to allow you to get back on track? A process that gets you back to our true self, a process that shifts the heaviness associated with expectations and obligations into inspired lightness and energy. Read on to find out more about finding inspiration….

Inspiration versus motivation

The first step to finding your inspired path in life is to understand the difference between motivation and inspiration. At the retreat we define “motivation” as something that helps us act or make a change. Take a moment right now to consider what type of things you use to motivate you. Motivation comes from external sources and is short term. For example, we may reward ourselves by cracking open a nice bottle of wine (motivator) after a hard day’s work.

There are two key differences between motivation and inspiration:

1) Motivation comes from external sources; in-spiration comes from within!

Sometimes just to get things done or get others to do something the proverbial carrot and/or the stick are required.

In-spiration is, by definition, what comes from within. We don’t require anyone to remind us to spend time on what inspires us, we naturally want to talk about it, study it and spend our money on it!

2) “Motivation is temporary; in-spiration is permanent”

If we accept that motivation is externally driven, motivation only remains if the source of the motivation is there. As soon as the carrot or stick is gone motivation disappears!

When we are motivated, challenges can put us off. When we are inspired, challenges come and go, and we remain moving in the direction of our inspiration.

Interestingly, if we often look for motivation to get things done we will spend more of our time and energy looking to things outside of ourselves to get what we want and ultimately to keep us happy. Alternatively, getting in touch with our inspiration encourages us to find our happiness from within and is more robust because if doesn’t rely on anything or anyone else.

Why don’t many of us follow our inspiration?

There are two main reasons why many of us don’t seem to be inspired:

1) We have not stopped to acknowledge and honour what inspires us

Some of us get caught up in the busy-ness of life, worrying more about what others are thinking of us rather than what truly makes us happy. We try to live up to the expectations of others rather than what truly inspires us. If we are truly inspired, we will keep going back to it. Some of the things that inspire us are often ignored or dismissed as not good enough, or just something we do.

Consider where you love to spend your time. Do you love gardening, spending time in nature, or something else? One of our retreat guests once did the exercise at the end of this article and realised that swimming was the thing that really inspired her. She lived close to the sea and her dream was to have a private swimming pool in her back garden.

2) We have been over influenced by others about what we should be “inspired” to do

I often hear my coaching clients saying how others have inspired them. However, when we discuss it further it becomes clear that the client was finding motivation by comparing themselves to someone else (putting the person they are comparing themselves to onto a pedestal). We are all placed on this earth for a unique purpose, to grow and to follow the inspiration within our own hearts.

Three ways to discover your inspiration

Our inspiration is already embedded in our lives. It is easily discovered if we know where to look…..

1. Where you spend most of your time and energy?

When you are inspired about something you will keep coming back to it, so consider where you are already spending most of your time and energy in life. Don’t dismiss anything as trivial – for example, do you spend a lot of time outdoors, lots of time with your family or lots of time at work? Do you love to play video games or read novels? What do you really love doing that you do repeatedly?

2. What do you tend to think and talk about most of the time?

If you were at a party, what would you be most comfortable talking to someone about? What are you knowledgeable about compared to most people?

3. What do you love to study and read about?

What section of the newspaper do you always go for first? What section of the library to you often visit? What websites are you regularly using for information?

Life Makeover Retreats

At La Crisalida Retreats we run Life Makeover Retreat workshops and activities designed to get you back in touch with yourself. One of our workshops is called Design Your Inspired Path where we take you through the full process of confirming your inspiration and visualising a milestone on your path.