Anxiety and Depression – The Real Cause

Anxiety and Depression - The Real Cause

Most of us will know someone who has struggled with anxiety or depression at some time in their lives. Anxiety and depression can leave people feeling trapped in a cloud of resentment and bitterness and many loved ones can find it very difficult to cope. This short article briefly explores the real cause of these type of problems and looks at how we can help to solve these type of problems for good.

The clinical approach for dealing with anxiety or depression is usually to offer medication. Unfortunately, as with many mainstream health solutions, there is a focus on treating the symptoms of the problem (e.g. low levels of lithium) rather than the cause. This means that the medicines on offer usually result in dependency and they can also have significant side effects. Although these medications can help with short term mood swings, from a holistic standpoint there is also the problem that these medicines can knock the body and mind further out of balance.

At La Crisalida we prefer to put effort into finding the cause of the problem, so we can deal with the underlying problems rather than just dealing with just the surface symptoms.

Understanding the cause of our problems is like finding the key to unlock the door to change. The cause to all these type of problems is actually very simple.  It is simply that we believe that we cannot be or should not be ourselves.  In other words we are not good enough the way we are. Not being ourselves and living up to someone else’s idea of who or what we should become can create great pain for us at the psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.  We can feel that we must measure up to something or someone else before we can be happy with ourselves. These type of beliefs are installed within us at a very young age when we are not aware of their impact and influence.   We are usually told at a young age that we need to listen to our parents or teachers who are superior and know better.  What young children think can often be rejected or ignored. These type of beliefs can easily become self-fulfilling as they can become reinforced and find their way deep into our unconscious minds – eventually they seem like they are a core part of us. In addition, when we are told by authority figures what we must do and what we cannot do, we become paralyzed because we have lost the ability to listen to our own inner voice.  Relying on others for guidance is a perilous approach for finding happiness in our lives as nobody can know us better than ourselves.

If anxiety or depression is present they are often accompanied by other overwhelming emotions like anger and guilt, and low feelings of self-worth. They can lead to over tiredness and irritability too. What we observe at La Crisalida is that these unbalanced emotions can also lead to unbalanced eating and lifestyle habits.  If you have ever had a significant change in your diet, you will may have already seen how this can have a big impact on your mood and sense of well-being. It works the other way around too.  Poor eating habits can be the cause of low moods too. When one part of us is out of balance, often other parts are too.

Once we understand the core problem, the journey towards healing and accepting ourselves has started. We are all unique, there has never been anyone like us and there will never be anyone like us ever again. We have heart (which talks to us through intuition and love) and a body (which talks to us through instinct). It is the messages from the heart and the body that we have been conditioned to repress from a very young age. From a young age we are conditioned to listen to our minds and rationalize everything. However, following our heart is where our joy is.

At La Crisalida we have been successful at helping people to overcome anxiety and depression because we work at the cause. We help guests to cleanse their bodies with lovely nutritious food. We help guests to quieten their mind through yoga and meditation so that other parts of us can be heard. Finally we have workshops such as “Finding the Authentic You” and “First Love Yourself” and life coaching is available to help resolve issues at the unconscious level.

If you often feel anxious or depressed or know someone who has struggled with either, we suggest starting with a change of diet and combine this with regular yoga or meditation. Finally, find a coach that can help you work at the unconscious level to release the blocks to accepting yourself and living a joyful life. Happy exploring!

About the author

John is one of the founders of La Crisalida Retreats. He is a life and success coach, Transformational Coach and a master trainer in NLP. He leads our life makeover programme as well as overseeing the retreats.