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La Crisalida Programme

Experience the La Crisalida programme for health and wellbeing. Our lovely holistic retreat centre provides you with a place where you can re-connect, re-balance and re-energise and find the authentic you.

Eight elements for living a healthy and balanced life

We believe there are eight elements to living a healthy and balanced life, which are inter-related. Our retreat centre offers a quiet, beautiful place to rest, reflect, re-connect and dream. The activities, combined with fantastic nutritious plant-based (vegan) food and juices, in our supportive and welcoming retreat centre, integrate all the elements of this programme.

La Crisalida means chrysalis – the place a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly. We hope that you find the retreat a place of personal inner transformation, a place to rest, rejuvenate and reconnect with the authentic you.  By the time you leave, you will feel re-connected, re-balanced and re-energised. The eight elements of the La Crisalida Programme are described more fully below.

What you can expect from the La Crisalida Programme:

  • A place where you can find the time and space to relax and unwind in your own unique way.
  • A varied activity programme of classes and workshops that gives you the ability to pick and choose the retreat activities that help you to meet your own goals.
  • A supportive environment where you are able to reset your body with a healthy kick-start and enjoy the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.
  • The opportunity to connect with like-minded people who value their own health and wellbeing.

Our uniquely designed holistic programme will encourage you to:

  • Relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.
  • Move your body to re-balance and re-energise.
  • Re-connect with what you truly want.
  • Find balance and expand your vision.
  • Regain your sense of purpose and inspiration.
  • Educate yourself so you can choose your own path.

Healthy cells, healthy body

Your body is made up of trillions of cells, each working individually and together as a whole, to create and maintain balance and health. The health of your body depends the health of your cells. All elements of the La Crisalida programme are specially designed to support the health of your cells and therefore your health and wellbeing.

La Crisalida Programme for health and wellbeing

The eight elements to our holistic programme are:  physiology and breath, exercise, nutrition and hydration, mindset, connection, environment, education and rest. Read on to find out more.

La Crisalida Programme - Infographic
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Boost your immune system and reset your metabolism

Physiology and breath

Boost your immune system and reset your metabolism
  • Improve your breathing and physiology through improving posture and encouraging better movement of your body.
  • Activate your lymphatic system to remove toxins and help optimise your immune system.
  • Appreciate the connection between your breath and emotional state. Learn how you can use your breath to manage stress and encourage calmness.
  • Reduce and eliminate stress, to regain your body’s natural balance.
  • Become present, through meditation and yoga.
  • Stretch and relax your muscles with regular movement to release tension and tightness.
  • Balance your hormones and create harmony at multiple levels within your body.
  • Manage chronic pain. Pain is feedback system from the body that something is not right or needs changing or looking at in a fresh way.  Explore different approaches to pain management.
  • Enjoy holistic therapies and massage (extra cost) to enhance your relaxation.

Read more on our blog: understanding physiology – understanding your health.

Move your body and feel the benefits of aerobic exercise such as rebounding, yoga and walking


Move your body and feel the benefits of aerobic exercise such as rebounding, yoga and walking
  • Activate your immune system to support your body manage or reduce the chance of developing disease.
  • Move your body towards a healthy weight through a combination of diet (what you eat) and exercise (movement).
  • Improve your mental health through fun and engaging exercise activities like daily guided walks in nature and rebounding.
  • Optimise all your bodily systems. Build adaptability and resilience by putting your body’s systems under healthy levels of stress through movement.
  • Improve your posture and body’s internal structures through stretching and building muscular strength. Regular muscle movement during yoga practice develops strength and flexibility.
  • Feel re-energised from regular exercise.
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Nourish and hydrate your body to reset your digestive system and feel more energised

Nutrition and hydration

Nourish and hydrate your body to reset your digestive system and feel more energised
  • Enjoy the plant-based (vegan) diet at the retreat and become aware of how your diet impacts on how your body feels. (We are not here to convert you into becoming a vegan!).
  • Re-set your digestive system. We like to “let food by thy medicine” in line with the famous Greek physician Hippocrates.
  • Our food and juices are designed to help you to cleanse, balance and heal, so that you feel re-energised.
  • Experience freshly-prepared, nutritionally-rich foods, with minimal processing.
  • We have removed many of the things that can cause stress with our body – like caffeine, alcohol, processed sugars and processed foods.
  • Try juicing. Give your digestive system a rest, whilst flooding your body with healthy micronutrients, so your body can naturally start to detox, cleanse and heal. A full juice detox takes around three days at the retreat.
  • Hydrate your body and cells – a well hydrated body creates a healthy internal environment, whilst helping to eliminate any accumulated toxins.
Empower yourself and move forward with your life


Empower yourself and move forward with your life
  • Explore your own life purpose and re-assess your goals and priorities.
  • Get clarity on how to take the next steps towards health and wellbeing.
  • Create a fresh vision for your life and explore milestones along this path.
  • Examine destructive habits and start to address what might be causing them.
  • Explore your emotions and understand how to balance your perceptions.
  • Let go of any past resentments and understand your own and other’s behaviours.
  • Make a significant transformation with our transformational, life and success coaching (available at additional cost).
  • Find the authentic you, so you can better manage situations where you feel conflicted.
  • Become more emotionally independent, free to follow your own path.
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Connect with others, with nature and yourself


Connect with others, with nature and yourself
  • Reconnect with nature through daily walks in and around the local area.
  • Come on your own and connect with new like-minded people.
  • Alternatively, come with friends or family and spend time with and reconnect to the most important people in your life.
  • Rediscover meaning and inspiration by reconnecting with the things that are important to you in life.
  • Attend workshops to help you:
    – Reconnect to your own vision and find clarity.
    – Understand yourself and what you truly want.
    – Allow yourself to see people or events from a different perspective.
    – Work towards identifying the true cause of conflict in your life.
    – Understand the relationships we attract and how they can help us to grow.
Take proper rest to be able to recover, rejuvenate and to function healthily


Take proper rest to be able to recover, rejuvenate and to function healthily
  • Sleep eight to ten hours each night. Sleep is important, as it allows your body the time it needs to heal.  Create good habits for proper sleep when you return home.
  • Make use of our siesta time (after lunch) and we give you plenty of time to relax.
  • Enjoy being outside, getting fresh air in the beautiful local environment.
  • No pressure, pick and choose the activities you want to attend. We are not a boot camp!
  • Spend time relaxing at the retreat or explore the beauty and culture of the local area.
  • Have time away from your phone, tablet or laptop to help disconnect from the busy world of work or social media. (We do have Wifi in the rooms and TVs if you really want to stay connected to the outside world).

All elements of the programme are designed to help your body to relax, rejuvenate and re-energise.

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Meet like minded people in a supportive and nurturing environment


Meet like minded people in a supportive and nurturing environment
  • Find a supportive, nurturing and friendly environment with well trained staff. We look after you!
  • Meet like-minded people. The retreat is a great opportunity to connect with people who are looking for balance and to create health and wellbeing in their lives.
  • Find a peaceful, quiet centre, focused on helping you re-connect, re-energise and re-balance mind, body and spirit.
  • Learn in our workshops how you can adapt your home environment and make the changes you want to create longer lasting health.
  • Change your body’s inner environment through eating natural plant-based foods. Allow your body to heal and rejuvenate at the cellular level.
  • Allow your body and mind to cleanse and detox.
Explore and learn more about your own health


Explore and learn more about your own health
  • We encourage and support you to explore your own health and wellbeing, to find what works for you. You will leave your retreat feeling more empowered and balanced.
  • Our talented team are here to guide and support you.
  • In our life makeover workshops you can explore your inner workings. We share models, give you exercises and suggest practical steps for you to implement directly into your life.
  • Borrow from our library of educational and inspirational books and DVDs.
  • Read articles that we share on our blog and in our newsletter, about health and wellbeing and recipes to enjoy at home.
  • Get practical cooking tips from our talented chefs.
  • Learn how to make your own juices when you return home.
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All inclusive

Activities, meals, juices, accommodation and airport transfers (flights not included)


Arrive and depart on any day of the week

Stay as long as you want at La Crisalida Retreats