Vision boost: carrot and celery juice recipe

Vision boost - carrot and celery juice recipe

Celery is sometimes a bit of a “love it” or “hate it” vegetable. Whilst I have always loved celery, John took some convincing (because of the stringy bits). Thankfully I managed to move him over onto the “love it” side of the table! Juicing is a great way to incorporate celery into your weekly diet, and avoid that annoying stringy texture that celery sometimes has. If you’re not a fan of celery, then try this lovely carrot and celery juice, and you might be converted too!

I called this juice “Vision Boost” because of the carrots – they are known to support eye health. But for me, the star of this juice is celery.

Celery is almost 95% water, which means it is great for juicing. This high water content also means that celery is low in calories (7 calories for 3 sticks!) so it’s a fantastic vegetable to eat if you are watching your weight. It is a great source of Vitamins K, A and C, which is why many people like to regularly drink celery juice, as it boosts their intake of anti-oxidants. The other benefit of drinking (or eating) celery is that it contains electrolytes, which the body needs to maintain a healthy fluid balance. If you are not a fan of celery, then start with one stick (or even half a stick) in this recipe. If like me you love it, then you can increase it to 2 sticks (or more).

Juicing tip: Sometimes carrots produce different amounts of juice, so you might need a couple more carrots to give you a good glass full of juice.

Carrot and celery juice recipe: Vision Boost

Serves: 1

Calories: 161


3 carrots

1 apple

1 stick celery

2cm unwaxed lemon


As usual, make sure you wash all your vegetables beneath cold running water, checking for, and removing, any labels on the apple and lemon. Put these items through your juicer. I recommend that you wash your juicer immediately after using it, so that the bits from the fruit and veggies do not harden and stick.

Drink straight away.

No fruit in your carrot and celery juice?

Carrots are usually nice and sweet, so a simple swap for a pure vegetable version of this carrot and celery juice is to simply remove the apple and add more carrot.

Another lovely alternative is to swap the apple and replace it with one small courgette and ½ yellow pepper. Yum!

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Happy juicing!

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