Try this fibre-packed apple juice recipe: Apple Smooth

Try this fibre-packed apple juice recipe - Apple Smooth

This month on the blog we are considering body care – how do we look after our bodies? One way you can take care of your body is by taking care of your digestive health. A great way to support your digestive system is to include an apple in your diet, on a regular basis and apple juice is a perfect way to do this.

Apples are a great source of soluble fibre (known as pectin). This type of fibre helps to create a good balance of water in your digestive tract. If you ever find that you are constipated, eating an apple can help relieve this, as the pectin draws in water from the colon. Eating apples can also help to limit diarrhoea, as it pulls excess water out. Fibre is also good for helping you to feel fuller for longer. If you are looking to lose weight then eating an apple, which is also low in calories, can help to curb the snacking. Some recent research has suggested that pectin might also have probiotic effects. Apples are high in antioxidants (lots of vitamin C), which helps to keep your immune system and cells in good condition.

There are many varieties of apples available around the world, with some really tasty local varieties. October (and Autumn in general) is the time of year when many varieties are in season, so check out your local farm shops and try something new! Apples are great for juicing, as they are quick and easy to prepare, as well as bringing lots of nutrients, plus a little bit of natural sweetness, to the juice. Whether you eat or juice the apple, make sure you include the skin, as this is where around 50% of the fibre is.

There is an old saying that I grew up with: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. More and more studies are now investigating the reasons why this might be. In the meantime, it´s still a sensible idea to eat (or juice) apples on a regular basis, even if it is only a few times each week.

Juicing tip: Wash your juicer before drinking your juice. Washing off the fruit and vegetables from your juicer as soon as possible after juicing will help to maintain your juicer in tip-top condition. Fructose can start to discolour your juicer and leaving the pulp to dry, on the blade, in particular can make your juicer harder to clean.

Apple Smooth: apple juice recipe

Serves: 1
Calories: 432


2 apples
½ cucumber
Chunk of broccoli stem (5cm length)
Chunk of ginger, skin on (2cm, longer if you love ginger!)
2cm unwaxed lemon
½ avocado, stone removed and flesh scooped out


Prepare your fruit and vegetables. Make sure you remove any stickers (for some reason there are often stickers on apples!). Give them all a good wash beneath cold running water. (Remember to trim off the outer skin from the lemon if you have a waxed variety. Try to leave the pith on).

Put the apples, cucumber, broccoli, ginger and lemon through your juicer, collecting the juice into a jug. Add the avocado into the jug, then using a hand-blender, combine the avocado into the juice. (Alternatively pour all of the juice and add the avocado into a blender and blend). It will take 30 to 60 seconds to blend in the avocado, making a lovely smooth consistency.

Boost your apple juice

There are lots of variations you can make to boost your apple juice. Add in more broccoli for added vitamins and minerals.

To reduce the fructose content in this juice, you could reduce the amount of fruit to half. Simply replace one of the apples with half a cucumber to make a lighter juice. You could also swap one apple for one parsnip, to give it a slightly different flavour:

1 apple
1 cucumber OR ½ cucumber and 1 parsnip
Chunk of broccoli stem
Chunk of ginger
2cm unwaxed lemon
½ avocado

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La Crisalida juice detox retreat

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