Strong Iron spinach juice recipe

Strong Iron spinach juice recipe

This new spinach juice recipe looks amazing and delivers a boost of iron and other minerals to your body. Iron is needed to create healthy red blood cells – these are the cells that transport oxygen around the body. By adding apples into the juice, your body gets a dose of vitamin C. This vitamin C enables your body to absorb more easily the iron content from spinach. Spinach also delivers great nutrition to your body in the shape of folate, calcium, zinc, vitamin A, and B6, to name a few!

Masticating juicers work best at extracting juice from green spinach leaves, but if you only have a centrifugal juicer then you can put the spinach leaves between the two halves of apple. Here in Spain we can get bunches of large spinach leaves (you can see them in the photo). However, if you can only find small leaf spinach, you might be best to blend the spinach (in a blender), instead of trying to juice it. You can also replace the spinach with kale if there is no spinach around, or if you fancy a change.

Strong Iron – spinach juice recipe

Serves: 1
Calories: 169


2 apples
1 pepino
Large handful of large spinach
2cm unwaxed lemon


Wash all of your ingredients in cold running water. Make sure you get into the stem of the spinach, to get rid of any dirt or grit that might still be there from the farm. If you have a waxed lemon, trim the other skin off (leave the white pith). Then put all of the ingredients into your juicer. Wash up, then enjoy your juice.

Vegetable only spinach juice option

Apples are a great ingredient in this juice, however, if you prefer a pure vegetable juice, simply replace the apples with a courgette. If you want, you can also add a piece of broccoli. The vitamin C content (to help your body to absorb the iron) will be supplied by the lemon and also broccoli.
1 courgette
Piece broccoli
1 pepino
Large handful of spinach
2cm lemon

Enjoy a juice retreat

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