Juice recipe: Detox delight

Juice recipe - Detox delight

Juices are fantastic to include in your detox. Here at La Crisalida Retreats we offer guests the choice of juicing or eating our wonderful plant-based food. If you wish to try a juice detox, then coming to a retreat is a perfect place to do it. We prepare tasty juices for you (so you have no preparation or washing up to do!) and you receive support and encouragement from others around you.

This detox delight juice comes in two versions – our standard juice (which includes an apple) and a “no fruit” option. If you are new to juicing we suggest that you try the version with the apple in it first – adding an apple can make the juice a little sweeter and easier to drink. The “no fruit” option includes broccoli, one of our favourite ingredients for supporting our bodies as they cleanse and detox (read this months recipe: broccoli, tofu and cashew nut stir fry for more nutritional information about broccoli). You might choose the “no fruit” option if you want to reduce the amount of fructose (fruit sugars) in your diet. Carrots are a great source of anti-oxidants – vitamin C and E – which clean our bodies and removes things that are harmful to our health.

Serves: 1
Calories: 162


1 apple
2 large carrots
½ courgette
2cm slice of unwaxed* lemon

No fruit version
3 large carrots
2 cm broccoli
1 courgette
2cm slice of lemon


Wash all of your ingredients, under cold running water, then place them all in your juicer. Simple.

Remember to wash your juicer before you drink your juice! When you buy your lemons, check that you pick up the unwaxed variety. If you can only find a waxed version, you can remove the outer skin (leaving the pith) and then use that in your juice – check the label!

We have published lots more juice recipes on our blog page (click in the search box on the category “juice recipes”) to find inspiration. Read about juicing at La Crisalida Retreats on our juicing page. Juicing can be a great way to kickstart your weightloss, so read more about our detox and weightloss retreats here.

About the author

Lisa is one of the founders of La Crisalida Retreats. She is an Epidemiologist, therapeutic hatha and yin yoga teacher and also teaches mindfulness meditation. Lisa has studied NLP and hypnosis, as well as nutrition (she designs the menus).