Carrot and turmeric juice recipe for optimal health

carrot and turmeric juice recipe for optimal health juice retreat

Our carrot and turmeric juice recipe is popular at the retreat as it tastes great! It only contains five ingredients so is simple to make at home.

Turmeric is a bright orange root, which looks similar to ginger. It´s been a popular cooking ingredient for many cultures for centuries and it makes a lovely addition to a juice. Many alternative health practitioners suggest turmeric is good for reducing inflammation in the body and also helping with weight-loss. The active ingredient in turmeric (the thing that really supports your health) is curcumin.

Fresh turmeric might be available in a greengrocer or supermarket near you. However, if you can’t buy fresh, then you can use the powdered version. The standard kitchen variety of turmeric is okay, but to really feel the health benefits you might like to head to your health food store and buy a powder that is high in curcumin.

We shared our Turmeric Twist juice recipe a couple of years ago, which includes apples, avocado and carrots. You can read more about the health benefits of turmeric in our earlier article here. (This article also includes some suggestions of how to identify high-quality turmeric powder).

Turmeric juicing tip: Blend your turmeric into the juice using a hand-blender, to ensure it gets mixed (no lumps!). We’ve added black pepper as optional, as a touch of black pepper is said to help the body to absorb the turmeric more effectively.

Portion size: Our juice recipes are designed to make a portion size of 500ml, for one person. When making this juice, you might need to add a few extra carrots, as sometimes they might not give as much juice as you need!

Carrot and turmeric juice recipe

Serves: 1
Calories: 191


3 large carrots
3 cm broccoli stem
2cm unwaxed lemon
½ – 1 tsp turmeric (depends how strong you like it)
½ cup berries (raspberries are ideal)
Optional: ¼ tsp black pepper


Wash your carrots, broccoli and lemon. Then put them through your juicer, collecting the juice into a large jug.

Add the turmeric and berries into the jug (with the juice) and blend using a hand-blender, for about 60 seconds, to make a smooth consistency.

Wash your juicer and hand-blender immediately after making your juice. Then take a seat and enjoy your juice.   

Which juicer is best for you?

If you are new to juicing and are unsure which juicer to choose, read our article: how to choose the best juicer for you.  We share lots of tips and recommendations on how to pick a juicer that will most suit your needs.

La Crisalida juice retreat  

We love juices here at La Crisalida!

Juicing forms a part of our retreats – you can choose to juice for all or part of your stay. Some people choose to juice for their entire stay (3 nights, 7 nights or more), whereas other guests choose to replace one meal with juice. Juicing is a great option to give your body high quality nutrition in an easily digestible form, which can really benefit your health. Read more about juicing at La Crisalida Retreats here.  You might also be interested in reading about our detox and weight loss retreats

Happy juicing!

About the author

Lisa is one of the founders of La Crisalida Retreats. She is an Epidemiologist, therapeutic hatha and yin yoga teacher and also teaches mindfulness meditation. Lisa has studied NLP and hypnosis, as well as nutrition (she designs the menus).