Autumnal minty pear juice recipe

Minty pear juice recipe juice detox retreat Spain

Autumn is a great time of year for pears, as they start coming into season towards the end of September and into October in northern Europe. They make a really good addition to a juice, and in this minty pear juice recipe we combine pears with mint and courgette to make a delightful fresh and Autumnal juice.

Health benefits of pears

Pears are low in fat, high in fibre (particularly when you eat them, rather than juicing) and contain high amounts of the antioxidant vitamin C, great for supporting your immune system. They are also a good source of potassium and magnesium, helping to support your heart and brain health. Pears contain natural fruit sugars (fructose, glucose and sucrose), so if you have a sweet tooth, these are great to include in your juice.

Tip for picking a ready to eat pear: to check the ripeness of a pear, apply a light pressure to the flesh next to the stalk; if it gives a little it is ready to eat. Too hard and it is not ready to eat, too soft and the pear is overripe (make a pear crumble instead!).  

Juicing tip: If you have a centrifugal juicer, you will need to make a mint parcel to be able to get some juice (and flavour) from your fresh mint. To do this, take a large lettuce leaf and wrap the mint inside. Place it into your juicer chute and follow with a pear or courgette. The other alternative is to blend in the mint, using a hand blender.

Minty pear juice recipe

 Serves: 1
Calories: 393

2 pears
1 courgette
2cm unwaxed lemon
Handful fresh mint (lettuce leaf to make a “mint parcel”)

1/3 avocado


Give the pears, courgette and mint a good wash beneath cold running water. Make sure you remove any stickers from the pears. If you are using a waxed lemon, or if it has a really thick skin, trim off the outer edge.  Make the mint parcel using a lettuce leaf.

Juice the pears, courgette, mint and lemon, allowing the juice to flow into a large jug.

Scoop the avocado flesh out and add it into the jug. Blend for 60 seconds, using a hand-blender, making sure all the ingredients are smooth.

Wash your juicer and hand-blender immediately after making your juice. Then take a seat and enjoy your juice.   

New to juicing?

If you are new to juicing, or need suggestions on what to look for when you buy a juicer, you might like to check out our blog article: how to choose the best juicer for you. It includes lots of tips on what to look for, plus some recommendations of juicers in different price ranges.  

La Crisalida juice retreat  

Drinking freshly made vegetable and fruit juice can form part of a healthy plant-based diet. If you want to try it, here at La Crisalida Retreats we offer you the option to juice or eat for every meal, so you can test it out. A large number of our guests choose to juice for three days, or longer, for a juice detox and cleanse. This is a great way to give the digestive system the opportunity to re-balance and rest, as well as maximising the nutrition for your body. Read more about juicing at La Crisalida Retreats here

Happy juicing!

About the author

Lisa is one of the founders of La Crisalida Retreats. She is an Epidemiologist, therapeutic hatha and yin yoga teacher and also teaches mindfulness meditation. Lisa has studied NLP and hypnosis, as well as nutrition (she designs the menus).