Vegan Thai yellow curry with vegetables recipe

plant-basaed thai yellow curry with vegetables recipe

This Thai yellow curry with vegetables recipe is quick, nutritious and tasty. It combines some wonderful spices to create a flavoursome dish, which will warm you up inside whilst the weather is cold outside. We bring together all the flavours from the east into one dish: ginger, coriander, coconut and turmeric, served together with wonderful fresh vegetables.

Although the recipe looks long, with many ingredients, it is actually really simple to make. You will need a hand blender or food processor to make the curry paste. We suggest that you make a greater amount of the curry paste and freeze whatever is left over. Put a few tablespoons of the curry paste into individual portions and freeze – this makes a really quick meal another time. Read more about the health benefits of ginger in this month´s juice recipe: ginger shots.

You can also change the vegetables listed, so you can make use of whatever you have in the fridge. Try adding baby corn, broccoli and maybe some shredded spinach (add the spinach 30 seconds before serving). If you want to add more protein to your plate, then add some cooked chickpeas, tofu chunks (cook first) or even some cooked black beans at the same time as adding the vegetables.

Thai yellow curry with vegetables recipe

Serves: 4
Calories: 792 total (198 per serving)


Curry paste
4 small dry red chili´s
1 tsp black peppercorns
2 tsps coriander seeds
2 tsps cumin seeds
1 tsp ground turmeric
1 tsp ground coriander
1 ½ tsp chopped ginger
1 tsp grated ginger
5 garlic cloves, chopped
5 small shallots, chopped (or small red onion, finely chopped)
1 stick lemon grass (omit if not got)
1 tsp lime zest
2 tbsp lime juice

Vegetable sauce
1 tbsp vegetable or olive oil
2 cups coconut milk
½ cup water or homemade veggie stock
Handful green beans (3cm lengths)
½ small cauliflower, broken into florets
1 courgette, cut into 1cm slices
1 small red pepper, cut into 1cm slices
1 aubergine, cut into 1cm slices
Optional: ½ tsp cayenne pepper
Optional (to taste) 1 tsp rice syrup
Handful of fresh coriander


First, make the curry paste. Soak the dried red chilis in boiling water for 15 minutes. Then drain and chop them into fine pieces. In the meantime, heat a frying pan over a medium heat. Do not add oil – you need to roast the spices in a dry pan to really bring the spices to life. Add the peppercorn, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric and ground coriander, then dry fry for around 3 minutes. You should start to smell the aromatic spices. Transfer the spices to a pestle and mortar or food processor and grind to a fine powder. Using a hand blender or food processor, combine the spices with the chili, chopped ginger, grated ginger, garlic, shallots, lemon grass, lime zest and lime juice until you have made a smooth paste.

In a large pan or wok, heat the tablespoon of oil. Add in 2 tablespoons of the curry paste and cook for 1 minute. You should start to smell all the spices as they start to cook. Add the coconut milk and water (or stock) and bring to the boil. Add in the vegetables and cook for a further 8 minutes, until the veggies are cooked but still slightly crisp. Taste, add cayenne pepper if you want more spice and add in the rice syrup if you want the dish to be sweeter.

Before serving, stir in the fresh coriander. Add extra chili at this stage if more heat is needed. Serve, topped with fresh coriander.

Serving suggestion
Serve with some plain boiled wholegrain rice, maybe add some toasted fennel seeds or fresh parsley into the rice for extra flavour.

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