The importance of your environment

The importance of your environment

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you feel immediately comfy in one place, and yet, in another you feel scared, or angry or just plain unsettled? Your environment, the place in which you are and the people around you, can have a big impact on how you feel and act.

When you feel connected to your environment you can feel better, stronger, and more comfortable in your own skin. This might be due to something in the physical environment (the colours, shapes, textures, sounds, temperature), something emotional (with supportive friend(s) or community, in a special place that brings back positive memories) or even something spiritual (a place of history, your bed or a bench overlooking a wonderful view where you can enjoy the magnificence of nature). We all know that spending time with some people leaves us feeling great, happier than when we first met up with them. Yet with other people we can feel worse, angry, sad or doubting yourself.

Here at La Crisalida we offer a warm supportive environment in which you can relax and find yourself once again. Here you can learn new skills or develop existing ones (like yoga or meditation), try out new foods or juices, or take a deeper look at yourself in our workshops. You can also have time in nature – by the beautiful beach or walking along the stunning coast through the pine trees to the lighthouse. Many guests make new friends with likeminded women and men, and returning guests tell us how they meet up with people they met here. During your stay you can also have time to yourself, away from the hustle and bustle (and pressures) of your everyday life.

So, if you can not get away to change your whole environment for a short time, here we list a few things that you can do right now.

Appreciate what you have. When it rains, dress for the rain in wellington boots and a raincoat and go out and jump in the puddles. Play like a kid. Then go home and get warm and dry. Enjoy the rain because after the rain the sun normally appears. Remember, too much sun leads to drought. Nature balances.

Create a beautiful place for yourself at home, where you can go to relax or meditate, and reconnect with yourself. It can be a corner of a room, or maybe a spot in the garden or terrace. Take time to decorate it with things that make your heart sing – photos or images that inspire you, flowers, stones, colours and textures, with a comfy seat (beanbag,  cushion, hammock), maybe some incense, candles or other smell that soothes you. And then make time to go there everyday, even for five minutes.

Make time to walk or exercise outside everyday, for five minutes.

Pay attention to nature around you; even in the busiest of cities you can find beauty.

Find friends that support you. (And remember, sometimes support is not telling you what you want to hear but challenging you to hold yourself to a higher standard!). Leave those people who moan and groan, or talk about what happened on the soap last night, or anyone who drains you. If these people are family then maybe start to limit the amount of time you spend with them, or find an activity that you can do together which limits the amount of moaning or groaning they can do!  Find new groups in your community, to enjoy time with. Remember, you are in charge of your life and you do have a choice, so find a way to make it work for you.

Remember, life is a balance. So, where we find a place, person or experience that challenges us, there is usually another place, person or experience that provides support to you. Look around, and pay attention.

About the author

John is one of the founders of La Crisalida Retreats. He is a life and success coach, Transformational Coach and a master trainer in NLP. He leads our life makeover programme as well as overseeing the retreats.