Staying healthy at Christmas

Staying healthy at Christmas

During December and the festive season we are often surrounded by people wanting to celebrate with alcohol, chocolate or late nights, finding that we have to dash from one event to another and are generally keeping too busy looking after everyone else. Sometimes this means our health takes second place. Here we share with you some tips and ideas to keep healthy this Christmas

  • Wake up with a ginger zing

Try a ginger shot on a morning, instead of an expresso shot, to get you started. Place a piece of ginger, with a slice of lemon and half an apple in your juicer. Drink. Ginger is fantastic at warming and boosting your immune system. It also provides a tasty kick to get you up and going on a morning!

  • Lemon with everything

Lemon is great for alkalizing the body and helps to maintain our immune system. Add lemon to your water, drink a mug of hot water with a slice of lemon first thing on a morning (to get your digestive system working), and add it to your juices. Squeeze lemon over salads or add to your herbal tea.

  • Drink more juice

Consider juicing for one meal per day, or add in a juice in between meals. Juicing brings you massive nutritional health benefits, boosts your immune system, supporting adrenal health, providing much needed support for your body when you are burning the candle at both ends! If you fancy a sweeter juice try our Happy Berry Juice. Or maybe you would prefer a more veggie based juice – try Natures Glow.

  • Think balance

If you have a late night one night, schedule a night in for the night after. If you are planning on drinking alcohol, then remember to eat first (something substantial). And drink lots of water too (one alcohol, one water and so on). Our bodies have an amazing capacity to self-heal, just give it the time to do so!

  • Keep hydrated

Remember to drink plenty of water – ideally 2 to 3 litres each day. Adding lemon will boost your immune system and the cleansing ability of water.

  • Eat more plant-based foods

If you are a regular meat or dairy eater, try to have at least one day a week with neither. See this months suggestions for your Christmas meal!

  • Drink alternative teas

Put the black tea with milk (or your usual coffee) to one side and consider making an alternative herbal tea. A lovely warming (and immune system boost) alternative to black tea is to combine a herbal tea (maybe green tea, rooibos or peppermint) with festive herbs and spices. Leave the teabag to steep in hot water for 10 minutes, along with a chunk of ginger, sprinkle of cinnamon, cloves and juice plus a slice of lemon. Add in honey or rice syrup for sweetness. A segment of orange added in at the start also adds a delightful Christmassy feel.

  • Rebounding

Now is the perfect time to start (or re-start) rebounding – jumping on a mini trampoline. Rebounding is great for supporting your lymph system to clear out toxins and waste products. Even just 15 minutes a day will bring health benefits (click here to read more about rebounding) and its such great fun! So, find out some great music, turn the volume up, jump and sing along!

  • Chocolate!

We all love chocolate, so when you are buying yours, look for bars containing a high cocao content (at least 70%) with low sugar. Dark chocolate is best and contains chemicals to boost your health, like flavonoids, minerals (including potassium, iron, zinc and selenium) and phenylethylamine – this is what is responsible for encouraging your brain to release those feel-good endorphins! Although chocolate has many benefits, it is usually mixed with milk, sugar and/or butter, so keep the amount to a low level, maybe a few pieces of dark chocolate. Eat mindfully so that you really notice and enjoy each mouthful!

  • Keep your emotions healthy

Read our tips for how to Keep calm and be well here.

  • Deep breathing

Make some quiet time and deep breathe – it only takes 5 minutes to bring calm back to your life. Find somewhere quiet, take a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Focus on your breath – breathing in deeply through the nose, deep into your tummy (allowing your tummy to expand with each breath in and fall with each breath out). Deep breathing will help to relax and centre yourself in the midst of all that frantic shopping, visiting, cooking and present wrapping!

  • Pamper time

It’s the perfect time of year to have a pamper evening – either on your own, with your partner or with friends. Bathtime bliss, with candles (maybe best on your own or with your partner)! A night in with friends, chatting, doing your nails or relaxing with a face mask.

  • Watch feel-good movies

One afternoon, pull down the curtains, snuggle up under a blanket and put on your favourite feel-good Christmas movie. We love “It’s a wonderful life” – that old black and white film which always reminds us about the important things at Christmas – family, friends, kindness and love.

Warmest Christmas greetings from everyone here at La Crisalida Retreats.

About the author

Lisa is one of the founders of La Crisalida Retreats. She is an Epidemiologist, therapeutic hatha and yin yoga teacher and also teaches mindfulness meditation. Lisa has studied NLP and hypnosis, as well as nutrition (she designs the menus).