Book Review: Dr Christiane Northrup, Women´s Bodies, Women´s Wisdom

Book Review - Dr Christiane Northrup, Women´s Bodies, Women´s Wisdom

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom was written by Dr Christiane Northrup and first published in 1994. This book has been reprinted a number of times over the years and sold thousands of copies. It covers lots of the main female health concerns (and medical conditions). With a tag line of “the complete guide to women´s health and wellbeing”, I think it’s a fantastic book for women of all ages.

This is a really large book (my edition has 967 pages!), so when you first pick it up it looks quite frightening! My advice is to check out the chapter(s) that you are most interested in. You could choose to read the book from cover to cover, but it´s great to dip into anytime.

Dr Christiane Northrup is a medical doctor from the USA, who specialized in obstetrics and gynaecology. She describes herself as a holistic physician and the book contains lots of information from both sides of the fence: western medicine and natural remedies. She has a really useful website that I recommend checking out: (external link). She has published a number of other books including: Goddesses Never Age (what a great title) and The Wisdom of Menopause. We have all three of these books in our library at the retreat and they are great to dip into whilst you are here as a guest.

Core messages from Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

The core message from this empowering book is that women can create their own health, by listening to and responding to their body’s own wisdom. By acknowledging our own inner voice, the messages from our body, we can make changes to our lives and to our health for the better.

The book is in three parts. Part 1 is entitled “from external control to inner guidance”. Here Dr Northrup covers topics like the origin of the mind / body / emotion split, the feminine energy system and inner guidance. In part 2, “the anatomy of women’s wisdom” she covers specifics, like the menstrual cycle, the ovaries, fertility and menopause. The final part, is called “Women’s wisdom programme for vibrant health and healing”, in which she shares steps on how to create your personal vibrant health, and covers topics like food and movement.

Each part and each chapter is broken down into bite size chunks. There are useful diagrams to explain some of the more technical points. Many chapters finish with a list of things you can do, to turn up the volume of your inner voice, to help yourself to find healing from particular conditions.

The book contains many stories from women who experienced health problems and shares what they did and what happened. Some created health, others did not, but it seems that we can all learn. But in many of these stories I found that I could identify with each woman.

Personal note

Many of you know my personal story – I experienced severe pain from endometriosis and in the early 1990’s I started to explore alternative options for healing, in addition to going down the standard medical route. When I came across this book, I devoured the chapter on the uterus, in particular the section on endometriosis, and started to put things that Christiane suggested into practice. Part of the reason I liked this book was that it gave me a sense that I was not the only one experiencing this and that there were things I could do to help myself (not just going through surgery or taking strong drugs prescribed by my doctor, which were their only suggestions).

I refer to this book anytime someone asks me about a female condition as it contains pointers on what to do or maybe flags up a particular way of thinking, which indicates underlying beliefs that could be affecting us.

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom is available from major booksellers and it is also available in Kindle or as an audio book. It has been translated into many different languages and remains popular world over.

You can get your copy here: Dr Christiane Northrup – Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom (external link to Amazon).

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This month our focus is on hormonal balance. Many guests who visit the retreat are female, of all ages. Some are experiencing problems with PMS, or finding a challenge with getting pregnant or going through a bumpy menopause. I often suggest that this book is an empowering read, no matter what age they are. Coming on a retreat can provide you with time to read and explore new areas. It also provides you with time to stop, to listen to the messages from your own body, and to start to listen to your own wisdom. Read more about our retreats by following this link: retreats.

To your health and wellbeing.

About the author

Lisa is one of the founders of La Crisalida Retreats. She is an Epidemiologist, therapeutic hatha and yin yoga teacher and also teaches mindfulness meditation. Lisa has studied NLP and hypnosis, as well as nutrition (she designs the menus).