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Appreciate your partner and say goodbye to your relationship troubles

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In this 90-minute webinar you will learn the secrets to appreciating your partner and saying goodbye to your relationship troubles.

Do you struggle with relationship problems?  Do you feel more challenged by your partner than supported?  Has the passion or intimacy gone?  Do you find communication difficult?  Whether your relationship is in business or at home, this webinar will look at relationship troubles from a new perspective.

We all want to feel supported by our partners, to help us make a success of our life.  But what if there were benefits to being challenged by our partner that we may have overlooked and finding these benefits could lead us to more fulfilment in our life?  It could be said that the purpose of relationships is to help us to grow in all areas of our lives.  When we love all parts of someone else, we can embrace both the support and the challenge they provide us.  In this webinar we will discover how relationship challenges and the emotions they generate can lead us a deeper level of love and fulfilment in our lives.

Most intimate relationships start with passion and a strong sense of a shared purpose.  As the passion cools down, differences naturally arise, and it can be difficult to keep both paths aligned.  As we each have a unique set of values, over time we can feel that life can pull us in different directions.  Knowing, honouring and appreciating your partner’s values (and your own!) are a key part of maintaining a long-term loving relationship.

Relationship problems often start with communication problems.  This can lead to “walking on egg-shells”, “alternating monologues” (rather than dialogues!) or “the silent treatment” to avoid or manage difficult emotional states.  How we communicate can make a tremendous difference.  Many of us make assumptions about our partner’s needs based upon what we would prefer – however if we can appreciate and understand the different needs of our partner, we are more likely to have success in our communication.  We each have a “parent”, “adult” and “child” persona and we can use these personas to understand the perceived balance of power within a relationship when we communicate.  This webinar will help you to understand how these personas feed off each other and provide you with the insights necessary to balance the power dynamics in any conversation.


By attending this webinar, you will learn about: 


  • The importance of identifying values and working towards more realistic expectations of our partner
  • The main reason why relationships fail and how to turn things around if your relationship is in trouble
  • How to see things through your partners eyes, so that you can communicate more clearly
  • The important difference between infatuation and the state of gratitude and love
  • When we are infatuated with someone, how to identify our blind spots
  • The male and female archetypes and what form of communication each prefers
  • Male and female opposite energies and how they attract
  • The different ways that love can be expressed, and how to determine your partner’s preferences
  • The transactional analysis model of “parent”, “adult” and “child” to help us master the power dynamics in a relationship

By the end of this 90-minute webinar you will be provided with practical tools and deep insights to enable you to appreciate your partner and cultivate a more loving relationship.  At the end of this webinar, John will also share how personal transformational coaching can accelerate your relationship success to enjoy a healthy and loving relationship with your partner. 


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