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Allow yourself to calm down and unwind through daily yoga practice in our tranquil surroundings.

Come to La Crisalida Retreats to find balance, strength and flexibility through our varied yoga classes with our fantastic teachers. Enjoy your practice outside on our stunning yoga terrace or indoors in our restful yoga studio. Through regular yoga practice you start to develop inner peace, connecting with the authentic you.

Each week our teachers cover many styles including Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Hatha flow and more, so you have the opportunity to try yoga styles that you might not have experienced before. Although all our teachers offer different yoga styles, one common thread is we all encourage you to experience becoming fully present in your body, and to practice with a calm centred mind.

The practice of Yoga is centuries old, and scientists today are starting to research and document many of the health benefits that come with a regular practice. When you begin to connect with your body and mind you can start to notice the positive effects and changes happening in your overall health. Yoga is an important part of the La Crisalida holistic programme for health and wellbeing. Whilst it works and moves your body, yoga can also influence your physiology through focused breathing.

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Yoga classes

Our programme of yoga classes varies from week to week, but we always offer a minimum of 12 classes and there is at least one yoga class every day of the week.

Each of our yoga teachers are highly trained and experienced and they each offer different styles of classes. Some classes are more of a workshop, where we might focus on alignment for particular asanas. Others classes are more general practice, where we work with the whole body and a wide range of asanas. Individual adjustments are offered, where appropriate and possible.

We offer two lengths of classes: 90 minutes (at least one per day) and 60 minutes.

Each class is designed for either “all levels”, or “intermediate” practitioners. You are welcome to attend all classes. The “all level” classes are suitable for both beginners as well as guests who have been practicing yoga for many years, as options and different levels are provided.  This means that beginners can learn yoga and feel supported, whilst additional levels of instructions are given for people who are more practiced. “Intermediate” level classes are open to all guests, however they are stronger and designed to provide more challenge. If you are new to yoga we recommend attending the “all level” classes first.

Each week we also offer one Yoga Nidra, designed to relax your body and connect body, mind and spirit, plus a guided visualisation. Meditation sessions are also available most days of the week.

Yoga teachers

Read more about the yoga teachers leading the yoga classes at La Crisalida:



Tania has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Her learning and teaching journey has taken her all over the world, including Bali, India, Australia to study with a wide variety of teachers from different backgrounds. She has a particular interest in making yoga practices sustainable throughout our lives, and the therapeutic benefits of yoga. She has worked with people from all ages and backgrounds, and her particular interest in the mental benefits of yoga led to her authoring the first book on Yoga for Dementia. Tania teachers a range of styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative. In her classes Tania combines techniques to develop awareness, with detailed technical instructions and philosophical reflections to take students on a journey inwards, to come home to themselves.



Amanda’s yoga journey started in 2001. After attending her first class, Amanda knew she wanted to help others through yoga. She completed a 500 Hour yoga teaching training under Ruth White (who was a student of BKS Iyengar). Amanda´s teaching style has a gentle and grounded approach. In her Hatha classes she focuses on strength and flexibility through deep awareness in the posture and precision alignment. She also brings a sense of fun into her classes. Over the years she has attended many workshops with a variety of teachers and loves to teach restorative yoga.

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Charlotte is one of our bubbly energetic yoga teachers, and a programme mentor. She also loves teaching rebounding.  

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Erika leads yoga classes here at the retreat and is also one of our programme team, leading walks and other activities.



Raphaela teaches varied styles of yoga, with heart and passion. Over her many years of teaching and practice Raphaela has trained with many teachers including Amrita Yoga (Kerala), Integral Yoga (Tao Prajñananda-Ananda Vir Kaur), Om Shree Om Yoga Children (Christine McArdle), Kundalini Yoga (Ambrosio Martínes-Andrea Märtens), Therapeutic yoga (Gisela Vázquez), Anusara Yoga (Gisela Vázquez), Sridaiva Yoga (John Friend) and Yoga history & Philosophy (Carlos Pomeda). Outside from La Crisalida, Raphaela teaches workshops in childrens yoga, mantra and vibrational gong meditation and is a Reiki master.

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Lisa combines mindfulness in her classes to encourage you to become present in the yoga asana and in the moment. Lisa first took up yoga many years ago to help relieve lower back problems, build core strength and to find a release from stress. Lisa has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years. She trained with the Mindful Yoga Academy (Alicante, registered Yoga Alliance UK and USA), with Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga) and is also qualified in therapeutic yoga. Lisa is one of the owners of La Crisalida Retreats.

Yoga styles

Yoga styles

Our talented yoga teachers offer a range of different styles of yoga across each week for you to experience during your retreat. The yoga classes available at La Crisalida include:


Hatha Yoga and Hatha Flow Yoga

Hatha yoga includes a variety of classical yoga positions ranging from seated, standing, twisting, balancing, and supine (lying down). You will build strength and flexibility through regular practice. Most classes tend to have a theme and in some we have a particular focus. For example, in some classes we might focus specifically on hip opening, or legs, or balancing. In other classes we might practice mindfully with the breath, using a wide range of asanas. Hatha flow is similar to hatha but includes some more movement between asanas (positions). Most Hatha and Hatha flow classes will starts with breathing exercise(s) and all finish with relaxation.  

Yin Yoga

Yin is a delightful slow style of yoga based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, opposites in nature. Muscles are Yang, whereas bones, joints and connective tissue are Yin.  Yin Yoga is practiced to stretch connective tissues, and we practice with relaxed, passive muscles. Slow, deep stretches are held for 2-8 minutes, with a moment in between each posture to reset.


Restorative Yoga 

Find deep relaxation in one of our restorative yoga classes. A super slow class, you will take a journey into stillness. Much of the class uses supine (lying down) positions, which are held for upward of 10 minutes. This is one of the most relaxing yoga styles around. We use props, like bolsters, blankets and blocks to support your body, allowing your muscles to truly let go. The goal here is complete body, mind, spirit, relaxation.  

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Essentials Yoga

We offer one “essentials yoga” class each week. This class is ideal for beginners to gain an understanding of yoga and learn how to do key poses. It also serves as a fine-tuning class for seasoned practitioners. You will learn some of the key postures and their specific alignments.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a flowing sequence of poses that is dynamic, and can be physically strong. The emphasis is on flowing smoothly from one movement to the next. The base tends to be Hatha, just practiced in a different way. We also offer a slow flow Vinyasa, which is similar but has slower transitions between asanas.

Kundalini Yoga

Once per week we offer Kundalini yoga, a style of yoga that is focused on the energy in the body. It can be very energetic and might include yogic chanting at times. Specific yogic breathing techniques are also used.


Anusara Yoga

Once per week we offer Anusara yoga. This class takes a workshop style, and is focused on alignment of the body. The teacher will help to focus your attention to detail in the asanas (poses).

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Common yoga questions

Common yoga questions

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