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At our retreat in Spain we offer a popular program of life makeover workshops, some designed to get you back in touch with your authentic self and others to get you inspired! These mindset workshops complement the activities at the retreat and give you an opportunity to reflect and work on the direction of your life. To have outer harmony in life we must start with inner harmony and so our workshops work towards letting go of our resistance or resentment towards our past or the more challenging parts of life. The key to a change of attitude is understanding ourselves and other’s behaviours. If we can understand our past, we can also release any hold it may have over us. In these classes, through practical exercises and content, the workshop leaders share some of the approaches and concepts that have enabled them to grow and bring more balance and meaning into their lives. Personalised life coaching compliments our workshops here at the retreat. Our core workshops are as follows:

Finding the Authentic You

Do you spend too much time worrying about what everyone else is thinking of you? Do you ever feel like you can’t just be yourself? Do you know you block difficult emotions through distracting behaviours? If fear or anxiety has ever held you back from getting what you want from life, then this could be the workshop to kick start change. The key is to understand that fear is not the problem. In this workshop we help you overcome fear, and find the courage that lies within. We also explore the role of authentic emotions and why acknowledging and accepting how we feel is something to be encouraged. We can only truly be ourselves if we can accept all of us, including the difficult emotions or beliefs that we carry. Finally, we work at connecting to the authentic uniqueness that lies within all of us, which can only be found through connecting with our intuition and heart space.


In our vision-boarding workshop you give yourself permission to dream! It is an opportunity for you to create a vision-board for your life based upon your ideal day, month, or year.

We give you magazines, glue and some card to create a representation of your vision using pictures and metaphors. A vision-board is a communication with your unconscious mind about your inner desires and should be placed somewhere that you will see it regularly. Your unconscious mind is the key to creating the life you want so get excited and dare to dream!

Finding your Life Purpose

Sometimes stress or significant emotional events in our lives can leave us lost or confused about the way forward. This workshop is designed to help you to re-connect with yourself and your deeper purpose. This workshop begins by looking at your life story and we use a writing technique to help you get a different perspective. We then run through a series of questions to help you to reconnect with the moments of joy and inspiration in your life, explore what character traits you would like to develop and connect with a possible legacy you would like to leave when you are gone. Finally, we give you the opportunity to dream and have a go at writing the story of the rest of your life!

Creating Balance in Your Life

At this workshop, we explore the benefits of having a life in balance and how we can be side tracked by certain myths that don’t serve us. For example, balance is not achieved by searching only for happiness and avoiding/suppressing “negative” emotions. True balance is achieved by understanding the nature of our moods and using our feelings like road signs. In this workshop, you will be encouraged to review your satisfaction levels in the key areas of life and consider this in the context of where you are devoting most of your time. You will have time to identify and write about what changes will support your sense of balance and finally, you will learn visualisation and emotional awareness techniques on how to go about manifesting balance in your life. Read more about the wheel of life in our blog article.

F.L.Y- First Love Yourself

We are born as valuable, beautiful, unique beings. However, during the process of growing up, we can be led to think that something is “wrong” with us because we don’t fulfil somebody’s expectations, or that we are “not good enough” as we are and this can be reflected through our own inner voice or inner critic. If our inner critic overwhelms us this can lead to us feeling stuck in fear, anxiety and with an unhealthy need to be accepted or the centre of attention. On the flip side we can become blind to our true selves by denying any weaknesses we may have with an unrealistic expectation for things to be perfect. For many of us it’s time for a change! At this mindset workshop we discover our own “gremlin” or inner critic, which works at denying the full truth of who we really are. This workshop includes a deep integration visualisation to help us to appreciate our strengths and weaknesses so that we can love and accept all of ourselves at a deeper level.

Design Your Own Inspiring Path

Do you feel that you are “off track”? Do you ever think that the things you do day to day are not inspiring, and maybe you could do something different to be able to live up to your full potential? On this workshop you have the opportunity to explore what really makes you tick. This workshop will help you to see the difference between pleasure seeking and inspiration. We will also look at finding inspiration in the 7 areas of life and what you are inspired to be/do/have. Then, with a creative visualization technique we will look at manifesting your inspired vision into reality.

E.F.T (Tapping)

“E.F.T.” stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as “tapping”. It´s a simple technique that you can use to release blockages within the energy system which can be the source of emotional intensity and discomfort. EFT combines the ancient technique of acupressure with modern psychology. The process consists of tapping on the end of the energy meridians (which are situated just beneath the surface of the skin), in specific locations, while you are focused on the issue that is troubling you. In this workshop we give you an introduction to EFT, so that you can practice it here and then keep on using it back at home.

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