Rebounding is bouncing on mini trampolines to music and is great fun.

Rebounding is great for burning calories, detoxing the body, and is also good for improving balance and co-ordination, so forms an important part of our detox and weight loss retreats. It provides stimulus for the lymph system, which is the drainage system in the body (part of our immune system). This is the body’s system responsible for clearing out waste and toxins. Bouncing uses gravity for maximum effect on the body; at the top of the bounce you are weightless, and at the bottom of the bounce you are at double ordinary gravity.  This change in weight state produces a squeezing motion on the body and cells, squeezing out waste materials from the cells into the blood stream to be excreted from the body. At the same time, the cells are flooded with oxygen.

Classes last 30 minutes and take place most days. Your instructor will guide you through a routine, starting with a warm up and finishing with a cool down. Routines are varied and you can use small hand weights if you want to work harder.

You will leave the class feeling like you have had a good aerobic workout and feeling great!

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