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We offer a range of meditation techniques to help you to relax and rejuvenate, whether you are here for a yoga retreat, or detox and weight loss retreat. Most days include a 30-minute meditation session, this is quiet time for you to practice meditation as part of a group. You are welcome to have your own practice or follow the technique we offer each day. We offer a mindfulness workshop, to delve deeper into mindfulness, and sometimes the power of silence workshop. On an evening you can come to a 60-minute Yoga Nidra session or a guided visualisation, to help you to relax, reconnect and find health and balance.

Meditation has many health benefits. The medical community has shown that meditation practice can help to relieve and reduce muscle tension, improve oxygen consumption levels, stabilise blood pressure and rates of respiration. Mindfulness is increasing in popularity around the world, and it is used by many people to relieve stress. Meditation has also been reported to help people to more effectively manage troublesome mood swings and even destructive patterns of behaviour.

Meditation practice involves developing your powers of concentration. There are many types of meditation (or meditation techniques) to choose from, and at La Crisalida Retreats we prefer to work from those which aim to bring you into the present moment and will relax the mind through detached observation techniques. The impact of meditation is different for everyone, which makes sense because meditation focuses on your own personal experience rather than anyone else. This is why meditation is often stated as a very personal journey.

Although meditation is actually hard work, if you persevere you are likely to experience the type of benefits reported such as clearer, more decisive thinking and improved powers of concentration as well as enhancing your overall levels of well-being.

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